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Our agency was created from the desire to provide dynamic, relevant, person-centered programs that provide opportunities for personal growth, self-determination and inclusive community living.

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Home Sharing is a living option that provides safe, nurturing, community-based, shared living arrangements for adults with disabilities. The service is provided through Contractors, who welcome a person into their home, offering a warm, inclusive environment, customized support, and arrangements for adults and children/youth with disabilities.

Community Inclusion is intended to assist people to optimise their personal, social, vocational and volunteer opportunities within the community. These services are determined by the person, based on their identified goals and preferences.

PCCR operates  staffed homes throughout the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan. These well maintained and attractive residences are located in established neighbourhoods within the community.

Family services provide temporary relief from the physical and emotional support of caring for a family member with disabilities who lives at home. Maintaining your well being is vital to your role as a caregiver.

The Home maker programs is generated to provide support for families in need.  Support services offered may include respite, homemaking, or household management.

Supported independent living bridges the gap for individuals who require peripheral supports, but otherwise have the desire and ability to live on their own in the community.

This service is driven by the people who use it and it focuses on their strengths, rights and choices.   Pacific Coast’s Ready S.E.T. Go!  Program is provided in the community where their goals are to be achieved.

Supports through our Skill Development programs can help learn and develop skills to engage in the community.

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Staffed Homes
Provides a safe, loving, nurturing home for a child/youth to live in. They will have a team of people there to support them 24-7.
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Main Service
Home Share
Where adults or children & youth may go live with a family or a person in their home which then becomes their home as well.
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Main Service
Community Inclusion
Focuses on supporting people in building connections with their community in which they live.

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Our Mission is to provide exceptional person-centered supports and advocacy that enhances people’s lives.

Since 1987, we have been fostering inclusive and welcoming communities and supported persons with disabilities to live the life they envision. Our programs and services are individualized and based on the person’s unique interests, gifts, and aspirations. We believe diversity makes our communities stronger. Our ongoing commitment is to support and encourage people to be independent, self-determining and to reach their fullest potential. We are always looking for passionate and caring individuals to help us build these welcoming communities.

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