What people are saying about our services

"This agency has surpassed my expectations in their commitment to oversee, monitor and promptly respond to the needs of my son and his support model. PCCR supported my active involvement in the development of the services and continues to work in close partnership with me to enable my son's life in the community".Parent
"They are very thoughtful of him and go to great lengths to meet his needs. They are also very inclusive of me, both in the decisions that need to made and the life of the home".Family member
"What impressed me was that the home belonged to M and his fellow residents. The home was always open to us and we dropped in whenever it was convenient and found the welcome mat was always out. PCCR has a special ability to hire staff that are dedicated to the concept of creating a home atmosphere that makes one feel at ease".Parent
"I am very grateful for your kind attitude that has resulted in a safe, happy and healthy environment that respects her as a treasured person".Parent