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What is CARF?

If you are interested in becoming a Home Share Provider, please check out our programs and services page and select 'Homeshare'.

PCCR is located across the Province.  We currently provide services in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, across all of Vancouver Island, the Okanagan and Kootenay Regions.

PCCR provides a variety of training opportunities to ensure employees are able to confidently do their job and develop professionally.  PCCR Training Content is designed to meet the needs of all its employees.  Training is provided in all programs, within services and agency wide.

  • Yes, to become a care provider for a youth/child the applicant will complete a series of interviews.  The interviews will be a combination of just Homeshare Applicant and others conducted with the Family Unit living in the home.  The interviews are completed by a certified PCCR Child and Youth Coordinator.  
  • After successfully completing the interviews, the applicant will be guided through the process of completing Criminal Record Checks for the Province of British Columbia and the Ministry of Children and Families.

If you need to contact a manager or a program coordinator in PCCR  please go to the ‘Contact’ tab on the website where you can email, call or fax the main office.  From there, you will be directed accordingly.

PCCR is committed to providing service excellence and fostering a culture of open and supportive communication.  If you would like to express a concern or file a complaint regarding the services we provide, please go to our contact page and send an email to

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